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Looking for an excuse to throw a theme party? Look no further. Beer tasting parties are trendy and hugely popular on the international party scene. What better way to please your guests than to host a beer tasting event? Invite your beer loving friends and any party lovers who would enjoy exploring the contemporary beer scene.

Most adults, at some time, have been to wine tasting events and the formula is well known. Wine tasting parties tend to be rather restrained affairs that require much effort on the part of the host to “get the party going.” However, beer-tasting events are quite the opposite.

Perhaps the popularity of beer tasting over wine tasting has something to do with the difference in etiquette: where wine tasters are obliged to spit out their samples, beer tasters actually consume the beer in order to appreciate its merits!

In short, beer theme parties seem to attract the types of guests who are keen to party. No wonder the new breed of beer tasting events is so popular!

Choosing Beers for Beer Tasting Parties

Keep things simple; choose no more than 10 to 12 different beers. Aim for a range of different types and styles of beer: pale, dark, hoppy, malty, lambic, non-lambic, etc.

 Posted on : May 26, 2014