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One of the key aspects of bringing out a given wine’s fullest potential is to serve it alongside a meal that excellently pairs with the wine’s flavors and complexity. This element of wine consumption is just as important in Champagne enjoyment as it is with any other wine.
Pairing Champagne with cuisine involves careful choices and a basic knowledge of what flavors match and what flavors don’t complement each other.

Champagne and Cuisine Matching Basics

When going forward with planning a meal you intend to serve with Champagne, first consider the characteristics of the wine itself.
Champagne is entirely capable of being a full-bodied wine, though it is not a “big” wine in the manner of certain red wines–Malbec, Zinfandel or Cabernert Sauvignon, for example. The dishes that red wines serve as an excellent complementary beverage to, such as red meat, hearty red-sauce pasta dishes and spicy foods, won’t work with Champagne. The white wine’s effervescence and floral, light fruity tastes will be overpowered by such foods.
Pick lighter dishes to complement a Champagne, such as various seafood items, chicken and poultry dishes, and pastas with lighter sauces or butter rather than heavy red, marinara-style sauces.

 Posted on : May 14, 2014