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High-quality coffee beans grow in several coffee-producing regions all over the world. While many gourmet coffees are delicious, some stand out from the rest with their pleasing aromas, complex flavors and balance of body and acidity.

The Best Coffee Beans

The best coffees in the world are almost always made from Arabica beans. Arabica coffee beans are grown at higher altitudes and require richer soil than the lesser-quality Robusta beans. Coffees made with Arabica beans typically have rich aromas and flavors, as well as a good balance of acidity and body.

Some of the World’s Best Coffees

Ranking the best coffees in the world depends largely on personal preference. For example, a light, fruity cup of coffee might not appeal to someone who prefers bold, dark roasts. However, certain types of coffees have consistently ranked near the top of the world’s best coffees. Some of these coffees and their regions include:

  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee (Ethiopia): Arabica coffee beans originated in Ethiopia, and this particular coffee stands out from the rest. It’s bold and dark with plenty of fruit overtones.
  • Java (Indonesia): Although “java” is often used colloquially to refer to coffee in a generic sense, true Java coffee beans come from Java, an Indonesian island. Java coffee is full-bodied, although still lighter and less acidic than most Indonesian coffees. Its earthy flavor leaves a slightly smoky and spicy finish.
  • Kenya AA coffee (Kenya): Grown at levels more than 6600 feet above sea level, these beans produce a coffee that’s strong and rich, with a full body and balanced acidity. It also presents a floral aroma, and tasters report an almost wine-like finish with berry and citrus overtones.
  • Kona coffee (Hawaii): Kona coffee beans are grown in Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil, an ideal environment for high-quality Arabica coffee beans. Pure Kona coffee is rich with a light and delicate flavor.
  • Organic Sumatra Reserve (Sumatra): This medium-bodied Indonesian coffee has a slightly sweet flavor with hints of chocolate and fruity undertones.
 Posted on : May 26, 2014