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When people think about all the different types of wine they might drink, they often forget about non-alcoholic or alcohol-free wines. These wines provide a nice social option for designated drivers, expectant mothers and those on medications who are not allowed to drink. They are also a great choice for anyone who wants to live a healthy, alcohol-free lifestyle.

Non-alcoholic wines allow people to enjoy the taste and social experience of wine without the alcohol. Alcohol-free wines are available in a large range of styles and flavors, including:

  • Brut Sparkling
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Chardonnay
  • White Zinfandel.

Alcohol-free wines are usually very affordable. Expect to pay around $5.99 to $8.99 per bottle. You can buy non-alcoholic wines in many local stores, including supermarkets, or you can find them online. Both foreign and domestic companies sell non-alcoholic wines.

The Taste of Non-Alcoholic Wine

Non-alcoholic wines are made from the same premium grapes as other fine wines and are aged and fermented in barrels. Alcohol is filtered out just before the wine is bottled. This can be done through cold filtration, among other methods.

The taste of non-alcoholic wine is generally the same as other wines but without the alcohol aftertaste.

Legally Alcohol-Free

The legal definition of an alcohol-free drink is that it must contain less than one-half of 1 percent of alcohol.

While it is physically impossible to remove all of the alcohol in non-alcoholic wines, these drinks meet the alcohol-free legal standard. The tiny amount of alcohol in alcohol-free wines is not enough to make you feel drunk and is actually less than you might find in a glass of fresh orange juice.

Many Ways to Enjoy Alcohol-Free Wine

Alcohol-free wine can be enjoyed in any situation where you would have a glass of wine. It is great with dinner or at restaurants, parties and corporate events. Non-alcoholic wine is a great choice when you need to stay focused and alert, if you are going to be driving or if you are expecting a baby. If you are on medication that doesn”t allow you to drink, you can still enjoy a glass of this wine.

Non-alcoholic wine is considered safe for diabetics, but if you have diabetes you should check with your doctor or nutritionist before adding any new foods or drinks to your diet.

Alcohol-Free Wines and Recovery from Alcoholism

Recovery from alcoholism is a private and personal process. Deciding whether or not to drink alcohol-free wine when recovering from alcoholism should remain an individual decision. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Non-alcoholic wine provides a way to still enjoy the taste and ritual of wine without the alcohol.
  • Non-alcoholic wine provides the opportunity for people in recovery to blend in to social or business situations where they don”t want others to know they are not drinking.


  • Any alcohol contained in a drink, even a trace, may make some recovering alcoholics uncomfortable.

Part of recovery is staying away from people, places and things associated with drinking. For some people in recovery, a glass of wine, even with the alcohol removed, still feels like the habit of drinking and may increase the craving for alcoholic beverages.

 Posted on : May 26, 2014