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Next time you have company over for the big football game or you host a backyard barbeque, stun your friends and family with your new home-brewed beer.

If your home brew passes the taste test and causes a sensation among people close to you, then why not expand and take your beer-brewing to the next level? Start your own microbrewery and let your delicious brew do all the talking. Here are some steps you can take toward opening a microbrewery.

Step One: Perfect Your Recipe

Making sure your beer has the perfect taste is the first and most critical step. If you and your friends and family approve, then chances are your brew will satisfy others as well. Now is the time to take note of the ingredients you use and figure out how to use them to brew your specialty beer in larger quantities.

Step Two: Research

Make a stop at your local bookstore and do some research online. Read about microbrewery success stories and how some microbreweries got to where they are today. You can learn from others” starting methods and the problems they”ve encountered. This will help you plan your next steps accordingly.

Step Three: Get Help

You can”t go at it alone; hire some help and start building your team. You will need to cover all the bases, so plan on getting a lawyer, an accountant and a few assistants. It”s important to hire diligent and dedicated people so that your growing business has a strong foundation. Unless you have a bottomless bank account, see if the people you hire will accept lower pay until your business kicks off.

Step Four: Write a Business Plan

Plan your business. Figure out the costs of production and the cost of microbrewery equipment. You should compose a business plan. While some people prefer to have someone map out a professional business plan for them, others may be more comfortable using a plan-it-yourself business guide. Having a business plan is essential to getting a realistic outline of what you have to do to get your business up and running.

Step Five: Obtain Financing

Once your business plan is complete, your team of co-workers has been chosen and you”re ready to get the ball moving, head to the bank and see about financing. Having superior credit will be helpful in this process. While some choose to open up a business credit line, others will want to fund their businesses by taking out a small business loan. The bank will help you figure out the best financing option.

Step Six: Make your Microbrew!

Now it”s time to buy the equipment you need to start brewing your signature beer. Because you will have several options for all different kinds of equipment, determine which will work best for you by estimating the amount of beer you plan to produce.

Some of the necessary pieces of equipment you will need include:

  • filters
  • kegs
  • kettles
  • steam-operated brewing systems
  • whirlpools
  • wort cooling and aeration systems.

Do some research and choose equipment that will help produce the best-tasting beer. You may also find some of this equipment at discount prices online or through resellers.

Once you”ve followed these steps, you should be well on your way to becoming the next microbrewery success story. Enjoy the satisfaction of sharing your delicious home brew with the rest of the world, one glass at a time.


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 Posted on : May 26, 2014