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What a better way to celebrate the commencement of a hot summer than with a nice, cool beverage? No matter who you are, how old you are or what your health is like, there are fabulous cool drinks out there for you to try. Leave all your old ideas behind and consider trying something new next time you are looking for a refreshing summer beverage.


Lemonade has long been a popular, non-alcoholic summertime beverage. If you are looking to add a little twist on your classic lemonade recipe, mix in some frozen strawberries or raspberries. Other ways you can shake up your common lemonade recipe are to make it with limes (which makes limeade) or to blend it up with ice to make a lemonade slushy delight.

If you want to put an adult twist on this favorite, a shot or two of lemon vodka will do the trick, and you may not even be able to taste the alcohol. To mix things up a little, add some raspberry or strawberry flavored vodka instead of the lemon — you may be surprised at what you come up with!

Summer Coolers that Are Easy on the Sugar

For diabetics or others who need to limit their sugar intake, refreshing summer drinks are not out of the question. Skip the sugar and go for natural fruit juice instead. Try to limit yourself to two or three drinks at most, whether they’re alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Of course, you always want to be sure to check with your doctor before you drink any alcohol to make sure that your diabetes won’t be exacerbated by the occasional adult refreshment.

Another thing to keep in mind is that natural sugar is always a better alternative to processed sugar. So, go for real fruit juice instead of the concentrated stuff when in doubt.

Frozen Beverages

If your kids are like most, they love frozen treats in the summer. If you have found a summertime beverage that they just cannot seem to get enough of, consider freezing it in a Popsicle maker or in an ice cube tray with some toothpicks to make frozen Popsicles. These are great for snacking on the run and make great treats for when you are hosting that weekly summer play date.

This concept also works well for adults: Make up a drink and throw a few shots in. Freeze it the same way you would the kids’ frozen treats — just make sure to keep them separate!

You can distinguish between alcoholic and non-alcoholic popsicles by using different colored ice trays or different colored beverages. Be sure to instruct the kids that these treats are hands-off and “for grown-ups only.”

Other Drink Options

Other great summer drink options include smoothies and shakes, which can also double as desserts. Shakes can be made of virtually any ice cream flavor your heart desires. Just combine ice cream and milk in a blender until you reach your desired consistency.

If you are looking for a healthier option, you may want to make a smoothie instead. Yogurt, milk, sherbert and assorted fruits are classic smoothie ingredients. To give your smoothie a slushy consistency, add ice or use frozen fruit instead of fresh fruit.

The summertime holds many possibilities when it comes to cooling off with a great beverage. Find something that works well for you and add your own touches. You may find yourself coming up with new family favorites in no time at all!

 Posted on : May 26, 2014