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The legally-designated sherry producing region of Jerez, Spain is rife with wineries, all of which produce sherry wines in all the various permutations of the fortified wine. Nearly all of these wineries are distinguished with a certain degree of respectability–few, if any, are cited as unpopular and poorly regarded, though a number of the Jerez wineries can be said to stand above their winemaking competitors and peers. Some of the top sherry providers in the Jerez region are notable for their excellent sales and popularity, while others have earned high marks from wine critics and enthusiasts.

The Top Selling Sherry Providers in Jerez

Throughout the contemporary history of sherry production, distribution and sales, certain sherry wineries have consistently sold better than their competitors.

Wines falling under the fino category of sherry have always been particularly popular due to their light, dry flavor and the flexibility with which they can be paired with food. Among this variety, the top selling sherry brands are Tio Pepe and La Ina, respectively from the Gonzalez Byass and Domecq providers.

Amontillado, another type of dry sherry, is neither as light as fino, nor as strong as oloroso or palo cortado. Popular brands of this variety include Amontillado del Duque and Amontillado 51-1, both of which are released by Gonzalez Byass and Domecq.

Highly-Regarded Sherry Providers and Brands

The darker, stronger and more full-bodied sherry varieties are often not as popular with regard to sales as lighter types of sherry because they’re less accessible and more of an acquired taste than their lighter counterparts.

Two of the most full-flavored and full-bodied sherry varieties are Oloroso and Palo Cortado. Both of these varieties are often aged for a long period of time, both before and after they’re bottled. One of the most distinctive Olorosos is Matusalem, made by Gonzalez Byass, and the Sibarita, made by Domecq, is a highly-regarded Palo Cortado aged for 60 years.

Popular and Acclaimed Sweet Sherry Brands

If you’ve learned some of the interesting facts about sherry and wish to try some of its sweet varieties, you’ll have more than a few bottles to sample. Gran Orden, from the Garvey’s winery, is considered one of the best-regarded Pedro Ximenez sweet wines in all of Spain. For cream sherry, you may want to try the Crofts from Gonzalez Byass, or the British-imported Harvey’s Bristol Cream, which is one of the top-selling sherry brands in the United States.

 Posted on : May 14, 2014